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The company is customer-oriented and adheres to the principle of "user first, customer first, honest, and proud of the service". The corporate mission is to create value for customers and create benefits for the society. With close grasp and insight into industry trends, the company responds quickly to customer needs. The provision of effective services for customer is our direction of work and value evaluation scale. Customer success is equal to our achievement.


We are market-oriented, and adhere to technological innovation. We constantly enhance the company's profitability by meeting the market demand. We adhere to diversification and informationization of industry development and grasp the pulse of the market, with continuous innovation and improvement and the pursuit and achievement of higher corporate value.

Adhere to sustainable development

Adhering to social responsibility, we practice the green concept in every aspect of manufacturing through technological innovation. We guide all walks of life to actively practice the sustainable development and contribute to long-term development of society through providing the market with integrated smart gas solutions, so as to truly contribute to the society and benefit the society.

Insist on technological innovation

With continuous exploration for innovation, we promote industrial upgrading via technological innovation. We pursue learning, innovation and change in the work. We widely recruit talent and conduct training to inject fresh strength into the company. We actively explore new business areas. On the basis of steady development of the smart gas system, we march into the energy industry. With the integration of industry resources, we endeavor to improve the enterprise profitability.

Focus on WeChat public number
Focus on WeChat public number